Early. Morning upload

There might be much more happens to me today as I’m supposed to attend the fracture clinic at Barnsley Hospital.  I think we have had a little more snow overnight and I can see a light sprinkling coming down in the outside light, so we’ll see what happens.  Linda, a friend from Tai Chi, is now my driver.  She actually lives closest and brought me a few things yesterday, arriving  just as Joanne my OT was leaving.  Joanne brought the wheelchair to help me get to the roadside across our longish and a bit uneven yard.  I thought this weather was not the time to experiment with crutches when I a,ready have one broken ankle!

Life started well yesterday when Jill arrived to help me get into the bath shower, but seemed to get increasingly complicated as my Sheffield volunteer drivers were either stuck at home in the snow, or as the snow progressed during the day decided that they wouldn’t get out.  

I went to sleep early and woke early this morning, so I’ve been amusing myself by gathering together images linked to the idea of developing photographic projects.  I think one of my biggest failings as a photographer is the fact that I go on taking more images and then fail to do anything with them.  Partly it’s a Blipfoto problem for me where the diary element is something that has kept me going rather than the absolute need to take a photo on that day.  Feeling seriously curtailed by my lack of mobility at the moment and putting all my energy into doing the essentials, I’m finding that taking photographs is actually on the back burner.  I would quite like to set up the upstairs workroom for still life, but I’ll need some help to gather things together that are spread out all over the house.  My sister would be the best bet, but if the snow continues this week I might not see her.  Perhaps I could also persuade Joanne to let me have a tray for my upstairs Zimmer.

If I get to the hospital this morning I might have one or two more phone photos.

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