There is something about this fading hydrangea

that I love. There is lots of colour in the garden in the form of primrose, polyanthus, pansies, camelias, the many forms of snowdrop, plus cut colour in the form of tulips, & daffodils. My original planned blip went a bit .... pants, for want of a better word. A swift visit to the newly opened Aldi's store in Newton Abbot had me departing with a bunch of pink tulips under my arm. An absolute bargain at £1.79. I bought them without thinking about a suitable receptacle to place them in on my return to Chez Bob n Lola. On the sitting room windowsill there is a pretty tulip inspired vase.  3 pale pink tulip heads & stems form the vase. Well they did'nt fit in there. All I could find was a Carlsberg Export 1pint sleeve.

Breakfast, then down to Pathfields with Lola, more room for her to run, she's happy to head into the river as well although it's a tad chilly. Bob's still chillin' when we return.
So this morning the sun was shining in the sitting room window, the tulips looked pretty, click, click .... snap. ...snap. UMPH!! Dirty windows. If I stood on the stone cat, & tortoise, in the front garden on tippy-toes I could just reach the top of the window panes, game on!! Exterior done, insides still needed to be cleaned before I could take another few pics of the tulips. Shunted stuff around on the windowsill, warm water with a splash of vinegar, scrunched up newspaper. Mid job I knocked the 3 headed tulip vase over ......... Yiks! One of the tulip leaves has broken off.  A clean break. I'm hoping with everything crossed that it's not a treasured heirloom. At this point I have shiny, sparkly clean windows but lost my Blipping mojo, AND the sun has disappeared. Plan B ... the hydrangea. I love it. I hope you like it.

Hubby arrived with a bar stool seat pad, saved from going on the fire in his local. Impressive! He does'nt understand at all what I want to do with it, but it will be perfect for the job I have in mind once the foam padding has been removed. It would'nt do for us to be all on the same wavelength would it. We'd all be creating/photographing the same ... ChrisG 's promising new Gent's urinals series spring to mind, well perhaps not all of us would be in the Gent's but you know what I mean.  Plus there's nothing I like more than an upcycle/repurpose. Watch this space! Hubby was particularly hyper today ... so we headed off for lunch out. The sweet potato fries and mayo would have been enough for me ... Ew! I really like sweet potato fries.
Back in CK, hubby drops me off then heads home, I don my wellies, Bob & Lola both join me for this afternoons bimble down by the river. Bob only tagged along as he heard me slice the carrot ... "Dangling the carrot" means Bob does'nt go walkabout, getting carried away by the scents,  but does get some exercise. He's overweight, Lola underweight, according to the vet. Snowdrops out, & wild daffodils breaking bud down by the river.  This is my home patch..... lots of lovely memories from my childhood here. Could'nt live here now though. The A38 rang through the middle of the village when I was a child. My parents were tennants of The Anchor Inn, situated roadside, no pavement through the middle section of the village. Articulated lorries would pull in so tight to the pub that they would often catch the down pipes from the guttering on the side of the pub. Now the village is bypassed. We are now on the B3344. The constant traffic noise from the A38 (dual carriageway), a stones throw away .. No! I would find it such an intrusion.

Just checked the weather forecast ... tomorrow looks favourable, Sunday dodgy even for kites. Monday - Wednesday sunshine, Thursday cloud ... That's okay!

Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting Flower Friday

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