By Majoayee

Em ducking!

Today we stayed in bed for ages!  I was checking out various links about abstract art and photography! Then we joined Em and her parents at Country baskets near Leigh!  An amazing wholesale place for artificial flowers, florist suppliers etc.  I bought some Letters to make up the names of Little Missy and Grandbaby made of papier mache.  We May paint them or continue with paper and glue.  Also 2 elephants made in the same way!

We all ate at a local eatery and then parted ways!  They were off to investigate a material shop!  

I've added a set of Vortographs that I really like!  Taken looking at one of my mother's paintings.  sooc for a change! (except for the bottom one that seems to have been cropped a bit!!!)  Would love your opinion!

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