Annie and Chris

By AnnieAndChris


We've had a really fun day at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. We'd booked a "Meet the Meerkats" experience, but made a day of it so we had time to see most of the animals. The sunshine meant the majority were outside, some soaking up the rays. The emus kept us very entertained - you could hand feed them with specially prepared food and they were very gentle taking it from you. Although when they give you a hard stare like this, it's a bit disconcerting (wish I'd used a bit more depth of field here but they just wouldn't stay still long enough!). 

After the gentle feeding of the emus, the experience of feeding the meerkats was surprisingly raucous. When they knew food was coming, they made a collective purr/growl which was unexpected. We sat down and were soon mobbed (see extra). Such wonderful little animals, we loved it.    

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