By hazelh

Light-up Leith history mural

This evening Mr hazelh, Bella and I braved the weather to meet Jack at Leith Theatre. There, in the wind and pouring rain, we watched the outdoor light show animation by Double Take Projections of Tim Chalk and Paul Grime's1986 mural of Leith's social history. It was really spectacular, but the weather was so awful that we only stayed for a very short time. We hoped to hail a taxi for the journey home, but none passed us. Indeed, there was hardly any traffic movement at all as we walked up Ferry Road. When we saw the police motorbikes we realised that everything else was at a standstill to allow Princess Anne speed her way home after the rugby match at Murrayfield.

The main priority when we came through the door soaking wet half an hour later was to peel off our drenched trousers, spin them, and put them out to dry. Then we opened a couple of bottles of wine and made a start on preparations for a yummy supper of Crombies pie followed by lemon posset.

Earlier in the day, Paddy and Caitlin came over for afternoon tea (and so that Paddy could beat the rest of us at Catan, of course). Then Mr hazelh, Bella and I watched the first episode of the Italian version of My brilliant friend.

Bella's staying with us overnight, so there will be more fun together tomorrow.

Exercise today: walking (8432 recorded  on phone- I'm giving my wrist a rest from my Garmin).

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