By Shutterup

Yuck Yuck and double Yuck

The weather out there is revolting... huge wind and rain being pelted..thanks Ciara

Fortunately l had asked Uncle and Aunt in Law in for lunch today so had the excuse to spend most of the day indoors but we were woken by the noise of the wind quite early and the although we did see some sunshine  there was no hint of it when l headed out for a quick march along the field at tea time.  Flossie makes me laugh in the wind. .. she must rather like it as she speeds off ahead of me and then drops her shoulder and tumbles... a bit of a wriggle on her back then up and off for 10 feet before doing it again.. so funny to watch!  (end result is a dog with muddy skid marks all over.. at least l think/hope they are only mud!!!)

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