By Kipsie

A sneaky peep through the slightly opened window

into what was back in my youth a Zion Congregational church here in the village. It adjoins  Chez Bob n Lola. The windows have been left open slightly to allow air flow I guess.  It's changed hands many times and it appears from what looks like a water heater on the left hand side of the pic that at one time it was lived in. I know it was used for furniture storage by a local chap for a few years. It's quite a substantial building squeezed in between Candy's cottages. The church was at the back & to one side of the building. From the front it looks like a pair of cottages. Some of the windows are arched and two floors high,  the glass is frosted. It would make an interesting dwelling. P & J are quite pleased that it has'nt been transformed. I guess they might lose their privacy if the glass was replaced. I could only just get my camera lens on zoom through the opening so it's nt a great pic but the best I could come up with what with storm Ciara performing per forecast.

Lola hates the noise the wind makes so storm Ciara had her pretty restless most of the night, she was'nt keen to go out this morning so I only walked her along the road & back.
I then walked Mum's dog as I did'nt want her going out in this storm.  We actually had a really good walk around Knighton heath, I got soaked but it meant Mum would'nt  need to walk her far this afternoon. Back at the cottage I realised the were drips coming through the roof of the lean to where it joins the main building. I knew about the leak inside the kitchen door but these drips had gone straight into my leather shoes. Hey ho! The joys of owning an old property. There is always something needs fixing/repairing/replacing.
I was looking forward to my roast lunch today, well I was until I asked Mum if she enjoyed her free range chicken that we bought at Mole Valley earlier in the week. "I was very disappointed, it did'nt have any flavour whatsoever". Oh well, I had some lovely homegrown veggies to go with it so ............... She was right, mine did'nt have any flavour either, such a shame, but the leeks, & wonky roast parsnips made up for it.
Lola & I braced the elements this afternoon, Bob gave me the "You are kidding" look when I asked him if he wanted to tag along. It was easier with just Lola, the wind was freaking her out a bit but as soon as we got off the road and onto the heath, the stick fetching took precedence. The waterproofs got well and truly tested ... currently dripping in the lean to. Fingers crossed they'll be dry for tomorrows walkabouts. The forecast does'nt look very promising.
I'm gradually de-cluttering the photos on my laptop ... it's getting near bursting point, or that's what I think the red bar means. I've got an external  hard drive which needs attention as well. One of the jobs on my list that needs ticking off.
Nigella's chocolate pots look rich & decadent ... She's on in the background. I've never watched Nigella.

I'm off, there's a programme on about the Galapagos islands.
Ciao for now!

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting

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