Grand Mosque Evening View

Another amazing day in Abu Dhabi. We picked up a hire car first thing to give us greater freedom for our last couple of days. Then, using the 'scenic' route, we visited the Falconry Hospital a little way outside the city. Here we had an excellent and informative two hour tour, seeing many different birds and even one actually receiving treatment (extras). Falcons are prized creatures and their owners spend a great deal of money on maintaining the health of their birds; many routine procedures are done including claw trimming. This is something the wild birds would do naturally but the captive ones have not learned this skill.

Heading back into Abu Dhabi we intended scouting out the point where we would get the Mosque reflected at sunset later. We found the place with no difficulty and it was an 'oh wow' moment to see this; we also saw the famous monument to the fallen soldiers although not quite sure when, where and why.

One thing lead to another and we ended up staying there until the sun had dipped. It was actually a very dull sunset - nothing like last night's range of colour, but still made a spectacular sight. This one was actually taken on my phone but I have longer 'proper camera' exposures which 'take out' the traffic on the road in between.

We got talking to a 'local' lady photographer after the same shots as us and when we'd all decided enough was enough, she invited us to have coffee with her and ended up buying us dinner!

So another great day. Now to decide what to do on our last day; we need to be at the airport tomorrow evening for a 2am flight out Tuesday morning!

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