Cut To The Feeling

Rich, Phil & I went to see Carly Rae Jepsen tonight and it was flippin' brilliant! We did a little mini pub crawl in Brixton first (turns out I like the pubs but not so much Brixton; I dunno if this is an unfair assessment based on the bits of it I saw, but I always felt like I was one corner turn away from being murdered in a dark back street XD) which was very much fun. The gig itself was mostly fantastic; Jepsen was perfect and I love the fact that the Brixton Academy has an angled floor so us shorties stuck near the back still have a pretty good view! Only downside was that at one point we were stuck in front of a group of folks who were the absolute loudest people I've ever had the displeasure of being around, and who spent most of the gig just having a conversation. Occasionally they would sing, but mostly it was just chat. I decided after a while to move further back to get away from them and out of the crowd a bit, which was definitely better. It was amazing to hear the crowd so into Jepsen's performance, it's possibly the loudest I've ever heard a crowd sing along! After the world's most frustrating trip to McDonald's, it's time for a stupid o'clock coach journey home!

In case you're wondering why I went with this picture rather than a shot of the gig, there was a bright white spotlight on Jepsen the entire time, so in all my photos she was a white blob!

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