Coal Tit

I had a list of jobs to do today, beginning with a quick walk up to the garden centre in a hail shower, in search of luminous paper for road signs.  On my return, Tony left to do the supermarket run to Otley.  Half an hour later he rang to say the car had gone in to a pothole and he had a very flat tyre, and the AA wouldn't get to him for three hours!!  Thankfully he was safely parked off the road in a private carpark with the permission of the business owner, but no food or drink within getting distance......He rang a short while ago to say all was fixed and he was on his way, but he's not home yet.

Meanwhile, as is the way with lists, mine was not getting any shorter.  I made some of my home made tomato soup for lunch and then did half an hour's practice on the recorder before checking the labels on the mapboxes for Sunday's event.  It was back on to the laptop to see if I had any replies from the Event Team and FB to check if anyone was claiming the penguin from yesterday.  No joy yet.  I completed my ESTA application which seemed even more complicated than last time.

Sadly, no blipspiration in the midst of all this, so it is coal tit in the elder tree (ah filling the bird feeders was on the list too!)

An aside:  I usually get to the remote to switch off the radio before Jeremy Vine comes on, but this morning I was absorbed in something and the introduction was playing.  Apparently, one of the highlights of the show would be an interview with a woman who had a chicken blown in to her garden (presumably by Storm Ciara)..........nuff said?

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