A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Carpet Knitting

Day two of our short break.  We're based in Stourport which hasn't a huge amount to shout about (except perhaps the 'seaside' resort bit by the Severn).  We headed up to Kidderminster and explored it's mastery of unsigned one-way ring-road systems. 

We also explored it's carpet-manufacturing history at the museum.  Some fascinating engineering, but even more fascinating that the town had one hugely dominating industry right up until the 1960's.

On to a walk through the Wyre Forest. (Extra).  Hmm, almost as exciting as Thetford forest and all other managed treefarms.  Would have been more entertaining (in an Albert and the Lion sense) watching people fall off the GoApe stuff but that seemed deserted.

Bewdley.  Lovely little riverside town but light wasn't great by now.

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