It's been another jigsaw morning with sleet showers passing through every few minutes, then the Controller for Sunday's event rang to see if we could drive up to the Moor to reassess the car parking in light of the awful weather.  It was wild up there but once again alternated between bright sunshine and sleet.  Apparently the weather coming through this weekend is now officially Storm Dennis, so we shall see.....

Back home I shot off a revised parking plan to all who needed to know and attempted to source a couple of bales of straw.  Next I need to inform the police about the revisions.  I needed a breather so put out a request on the Hobblers WhatsApp for running partners and, subsequently,  Bev and I managed to get out between showers for a gentle hobble.  The Gritter Guys came by as I trotted down our street so I guess the powers that be are expecting ice tomorrow morning.

I'm getting a bit fed up of pointing the camera out of the window, so my blip is of my blipbook which has just arrived.  The cover photo is of a tiny vegan restaurant up on the roofs of Prague, from our holiday with friends Marketa and Tomas last year.

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