By HeidiHH


Today we went hiking to Sierra de Bernia.

We drove up to the Area Recreativa Font de la Barca. The tarmac is new as the Volta a la comunitat valenciana's Saturday's leg ended there, so it is brand new. Still a very scary drive for me. At the end I had to get out of the car because my head just couldn't take it any more. Narrow road climbing up with twists and turns and you are right there next to the steep fall.

Well, we got to the picnic area and it was stunning. Even being just there it was enough for the whole drive (1 hour and 15 minutes in total from our house).

First we started to follow PR CV 7 path that would have taken us around the mountain and into the caves where there's drawing from the cave men. If you look at the picture down left. That's the reason why I couldn't continue. It would have been 2 km of that. (And you have to come back too!)

So we return to the picnic area. Have some snacks and head the other way and follow path PR CV 436. This route would have taken us to one of the most iconic viewpoints in the whole Alicante province, but once again when the trees didn't grow anymore, my legs refused to work. It's just too steep and I can see the possible fall all the time. So back again.

All that still took 9,5 km with 400 meters of elevation. So the dogs are tired and I guess us humans are quite sedated too.

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