By HeidiHH


I feel like I've accomplished nothing today. It's a good thing I blip, because it makes me look back at my day and see it differently.

I was up at the clinic this morning. I have the new blood pressure machine and it's started to detect arrhythmia for me. So today I finally went up there to consult them. I have this idea that it might be due to my new blood pressure medicine, which says that 1 / 10 get arrhythmia as a side affect.

I got to see a doctor (different one than in previous times) and she did not think it could be the medicine doing it. So I had an EKG and it was fine. Tomorrow they'll do blood work for me to see it if could be due to anemia or thyroid or hormones. I also have a referral to see cardiologist. I just think I'll get the labs first then then call the hospital to get that appointment.

After the clinic visit I walked to see the ladies at the charity shop. And they had a present for me! I got two huge 100% cotton fabrics. I have no idea what they've been used for. Perhaps as a day cover for bed? Anyway nice floral print on a white background. And 100% cotton. It does not get better than this!

Few doggie walks. Lunch. Walked to Burger King to have a milk shake. I'm so tired. Didn't have a good sleep last night. Nor the night before that. Nor the night before that. Might be over a week since my last good sleep and I'm starting to feel it.

Oh I did write the hike we did yesterday to my blog and to our local paper. That was so early (6:30) when I started that I had totally forgotten.

I think in the picture is agave. Not from my garden. This one is huge.

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