By HeidiHH


I'm still not sleeping well. On top of that had the blood drawn out of me this morning and could not eat or drink anything before that, so I had my wake up coffee bit before 10 and I feel like I never actually woke up today.

I'm left with a very sore bruise on my right arm after the needle. I thought I was going to need painkillers, but luckily by now it's getting better. At the same time husband had 4 stitches out of 9 off. Almost there.

I get my results on Tuesday afternoon. I'm not sure if I should get the appointment to the cardiologist before or after that. I'm sure it will take weeks to get one, so I guess I can cancel if it's not necessary.

We've had foggy mornings this week. Today was no exception. This is from our morning walk when my coffeeless head was also very foggy.

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