It was a Wild Wednesday all right - thanks Cailleach for keeping it going. Here's the resident cockerel keeping a beady eye on proceedings. The hens, turkeys, ducks and this cockerel were looking good and ready for a busy season.

The farm opened for business last Friday so this was our first visit of 2020. And the first time we were able to take the baby sister (now 11 months old) to play there. She had a great time with the indoor play, as did the four year old. Then she and I went outside for some of the activities suitable for older children. The sun was shining but it was pretty chilly. The four year old pedalled round the track on a go-cart which I was delighted to see. Saves my back!

Once home it's been imaginative play. The baby sister is very easy to look after. She just fits in, as younger children tend to. The four year old is solicitous of her wee sister but really she is an accessory rather than an active participant in games. For now anyway.

A bit of a poor night with Flora up at 05:30 (!) so yet again an early night is in order.

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