I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday ....

.... intentional camera movement .... slow-sync flash.

As you can see I had fun playing with the slow-sync flash option in the camera this afternoon!  I think it worked well for today's abstract theme of "intentional camera movement".  The hardest part was narrowing down my choices to just one .... two if you count the extra of Cheddar playing with one of his toy mice!

We are going out tonight for an early Valentine's meal.  Tonight is our normal "date night" anyway.  We have a gift certificate at a local restaurant that our neighbor gave us a while back.  I've been putting off using it as it's to a seafood restaurant and I have seafood allergies!  There are only two things on the entire menu that I can actually eat so should be an interesting meal. 

Speaking of food .... I keep forgetting to mention how the turkey breast came out cooked in the slow cooker.  It was actually quite good.  Very moist and tender .... not dry in the least.  The key is to place in under the broiler to brown the skin after it's done in the slow cooker.   The only thing I would change is maybe using less of the spices (the thyme specifically) in the butter mixture that's placed under and on top of the skin before cooking.  If you want the recipe .... it's here. 

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