By Veronica

Flower Friday

I don't normally approve of food being served on slates, but I had to give top marks for the cuteness of this Valentine's Day aperitif: smoked salmon and blini, so cleverly presented. Extra: the table setting when we arrived. As you can see, a) there were many tiny courses and b) we had a lovely beach view. I'm not normally keen on special Valentine's Day menus for my birthday, but I couldn't fault this one. 

We didn't regret not going to Oliva, especially as the Balcon is just a short and scenic stroll from home. Just as well, as over coffee we told the French patronne it was the best restaurant in town, and she served us two complimentary glasses of cava, on top of the cava and freely served wine we'd already had.

After a brief respite at home we finished the day with a leisurely visit to the spa. Blissful, but I am feeling so tired  now! Fit for nothing except an early night.

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