A tangle of branches

The day started with a struggle to solve the Guardian crossword (cryptic). Paul was the setter, and he is often the one I find most difficult. I confess that I did use the check function more than usual; to know that I was wrong in my suggested solution. It does free up my mind to seek alternatives. Although it took way longer than eating breakfast, I did complete the puzzle without any reveals.

After a few chores were completed, S and I drove out west to Piha, a coastal community where one of my peer group, and a good friend, has a home with an expansive view of the Tasman Sea. All but one of the peer group were there, and we had our February peer group meeting between socialising and eating. 

Just before leaving I was outside with my camera when the distinctive size and flight pattern and noise told me that a Kereru had landed in the middle of a tree at the edge of the bush. Gave me my blip for the day. I did think that I had seen a couple of parrots earlier, but they were long gone before I could even think of a camera. I was pleased to get a good photo of New Zealand's wood pigeon.

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