Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Friday's walk was a mistake. I realised that after about ten to fifteen minutes, but carried on nonetheless. A combination of bloodymindedness and stupidity.

I was meeting friends for coffee in the afternoon and thought that, if I was to get out for a walk and catch a Blipportunity, I'd better do that in the morning. Except that it was raining.

I've walked in the rain before, frequently, but the rain on Friday was heavier than I had anticipated.

Factor in my second mistake - taking the bus through to Denny. The return buses are hourly, so I was out for over an hour in the downpour. Yes, I had a waterproof jacket, but there comes a time when one thinks, "stuff this for a game of soldiers".

From Denny town centre I walked down to the River Carron at Dale Bridge, then along the river through the town, crossing Denny Bridge and looped around to emerge at Dunipace with lots of grey photos of the river in spate and this one of a stencil at on an electrical junction box. Well, I had my Blip, so it wasn't an entirely wasted morning.

A complete change of clothes when I got home, some more of my home-made lentil soup for lunch and then I treated myself to a calorie-filled cake and cappuccino in a local garden centre in the afternoon. I felt I had earned it.

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