Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


...and roundabouts!

+ the snow is melting
- in its place is an undulating icy mess.

Sunday was a grey, nothing, kind of day. By noon I had done two lots of washing (with another on the go), watched our church's online worship service and made a pot of soup that will satisfy my lunchtime needs for several days. Outside there was a steady drizzle and last week's snow was slowly but steadily disappearing.

I made the mistake of thinking that the paths would be a bit clearer to walk on. Far from it. I thought I would wander down the farm road and onto the Canal but abandoned that after a few dozen yards (see extra).
Plan B was to walk up to Haggs and maybe do a wee circular route around there, but the pavements were treacherous (it seems that ours was about the only street that the residents had bothered - or were able - to clear) and the road was surprisingly busy. Lots of essential journeys being made that Sunday afternoon.

Plan C was just to have a meander around and see the lie of the land locally. I found myself in the local play-park and a rare dash of colour admidst the grey. Blip sorted. Walk sort-of truncated. But at least I had made the effort.

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