Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Saturday was wet. A planned walk with friends had been cancelled on Friday afternoon due to the forecast, and my new plan was to spend the day indoors. That didn't work out either.

I decided on a quick run up to the shops in Denny in the morning and, while there, to photograph some of the sculptures that had been installed around the Town Centre as part of a regeneration project in 2018. Managed to grab photos of a couple of them, just so I had something to Blip for the day. (One posted above and I'll keep the other in reserve for another day.)

Got a phone call from a friend in the early afternoon asking me to go and visit her daughter in a local hospice as she had developed a cold and didn't think visiting was a good idea. So that took care of the idea of a lazy Saturday afternoon on the computer. My unwinding time came in the evening - it hadn't stopped raining all day.

The sculpture is called The Denny Battleship and is one of seven in Denny Town Centre by the artist Joseph Ingleby. The description on a local blog runs like this:

"This cast iron ship on an oak base was made at Specialised Castings, the last of the once mighty iron foundry industry in Denny. It symbolises these factories on its deck, and in its ship form refers to the many ship engines that were cast here, particularly at Cruikshanks on Glasgow Road, who did this for the famous WW2-commissioned ship HMS Vanguard. The ship is also inspired in its shape, by the battleship icon from the game Monopoly, whose boards were, at one time, printed alongside other board games in Denny’s paper mills such as Carrongrove Mill."

The remaining six sculptures in the series may make it onto my Blipfoto journal at some point, especially if this rain keeps up and other inspiration fails me.

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