By davidc

The Window of the Care Home

Thanks so much to everyone who sent condolences to us following my Mum-in-Law's death yesterday, they mean a great deal to us. What a wonderful community blip is!

Today we had plenty to do to keep us occupied. We met with my Editor's sister to go through MiL's possessions in the room she had at her care home. My Sister-in-Law took some of them and we packed the rest into our car to take home to Newcastle to sort through properly in due course.

The morning had started with torrential rain, courtesy of Storm Dennis, but by early afternoon the sun had come out as you can see in the photo. This is the view from the corridor window opposite the door of MiL's room: it shows only a small part of the lovely garden. The photo includes the chicken coop on the left - MiL used to love watching the chickens, especially in the afternoons when they were usually let out to wander round the garden (that's the chickens I mean, not the care home residents!). As MiL had been in the Land Army in the war this was quite special for her, and of course the care home often served very fresh eggs for breakfast.

We're now safely back home after an easy drive, for a few days at least!

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