Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Pre-Flight Picnic

It’s not often that I go down to the lake in the morning. But this afternoon I was back in the air - even though I just got back from Denver yesterday. I have a busy week next week so I moved my trip to this weekend to clear some space. I don’t like doing back to back trips but my report time wasn’t until 3pm today, so it was bearable. It was such a beautiful morning that I just had to get out and enjoy it before being cooped up in a plane. So I had a quick visit to the lake, along with a flask of coffee and something sweet and yummy to go with it. Very peaceful!

And then I was invaded! A pack of 6 dogs showed up with their dog walker! I didn’t mind - I do love dogs! I’d met the dog walker a long time ago - another American! We caught up with news while the dogs mostly played, some even jumping in the water. But one of them just sat down quietly next to me and seemed to enjoy the view as much as I did.

It was a pleasant interlude before the rush rush rush to get to the airport. 8 hours or so in the air and I finished the day back in the US. I do miss these late departures that I used to do. I love my normal Denver trip, except for the part about leaving home at 0630!

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