Our sunny morning in Denver quickly turned to grey skies and snow by early afternoon. (See ‘yesterday’s’ blip.) By the time we boarded our flight back to London the snow was coming down pretty heavily and so we had to be de-iced before we could leave.

When I lived in Denver and flew all over the US before moving to the UK, de-icing was a common if not daily occurrence through the winter months. Planes just can’t take off (safely) with snow and ice on the wings. We used to be de-iced at the gate but now we go to a remote part of the airport and get coated with the de-icing liquid right before takeoff. It used to always be a yellow liquid, but today it was pink at first, followed up with green, which remained on the wing as they released us to go.

Technically, this is my second blip for the 12th, but I’m taking liberties because I’d already changed my watch to UK time and these pictures were taken round about midnight - or close enough!

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