I've now received a decent tiger photo from B so have made it the main.

This morning I concentrated on messaging Exodus about their decision not to get us to the airport until later, meaning that we missed the hotel and meals package given to other passengers. I also filled in the Virgin Atlantic cancellation compensation form. 

Lunch and then into Derby to take my new glasses back to Specsavers again as the arms on both pairs are refusing to fold properly. It's the second time in four weeks that I've had to take them back so I wasn't best pleased. They are £69 for two pairs, and the price has been the same for a number of years although I've never had a problem before. Personally, although they deny it of course, I think they've changed to a cheaper supplier. I ended up paying £20 more for two frames from the next band up, but I'm not sure I'll go there again.

Veg and salad shopping on the market and then I got two more cardboard banana boxes from the stall holder near The Ram.  They're good and strong for moving - whenever that is - but not particularly easy to carry down Lara Croft Way (as shown) in a strong wind! 

Having never done a long haul flight before, and never crossed more than one time zone either, I had no idea what to expect from jetlag. But I do now. I'm falling asleep on the settee at 7.30pm, waking at 4am and I'm feeling exhausted, light-headed and a bit out of it. So I've done some reading and will help to get myself right using light. My research says age doesn't help, nor does lack of sleep before the flight... and we certainly were lacking, but what's done is done.

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