By Viewpoint

Kirkstall Abbey with Bobby, the photographer

Bob and I were the lone venturers out on Monday morning.  We began in the playground where I had to join in on the swing and then in the game of tag (needless to say I’m not too good at either of them).  I then persuaded him that we should go and look at the river (Aire) which is running very high.  He asked if he could take a photo with my camera, so wanting to encourage him I wrapped him up with the strap and showed him how to support the barrel with his left hand and to semi-press for auto exposure.   He did a remarkably good job and the image in extra of the river going over the weir is his.  I then changed to the macro lens, which is lighter, and we tried photographing the crocuses.  He made a very good job.  The one in extra with a little more background is mine and the other one his.  He managed the flip out screen beautifully.

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