Wearing purple...

By 60plus

One for Joe...

...cos sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees...
Thanks for starting Blip, Joe!
And thanks to the present team for keeping it going so well ;) 

And now to MonoMonday - thanks for a bumper crop of entries this week – almost 8 full pages! They included bridges and buildings; sculptures, skies and snowdrops; crosses, churches and ceilings; dogs and dictionaries; flowers and floods; monuments and make-up; and gargoyles!

I’ve tried to choose hearts and honourable mentions to show the range of subject matter this week – so my Mono Hearts go to:

loisbiz's tree

Annie and Chris's London Bridge

steveng's floods

Inverculain's spiral staircase

JohnRH's shot in the cemetery

cassnet's ceiling

My Honourable Mentions go to:

john39's early morning sky

Biker Bear's dictionary entry

Lucari's dog Lili

Shutterup's snowdrops

Carolina's climber

gordo's sculpture

I can’t seem to get it down to 5 of each somehow... so many great blips...
My last hosting duty next week - Monday 24 February - with the theme of   “Looking Down”  and the tag MM318... Hope you’ll join in if you can...

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