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By Damnonii

Stepping stones...

David has done a sterling job of clearing out the study over the past three weeks.   Boxes of paperwork going back years, long before we moved here (and we've been here since 2012!) as well as paperwork belonging to both our mums, all of which was put in storage boxes and dumped in the study.

Not only that, but all the paperwork we've accumulated in the time we've been here, as well as all the flotsam and jetsam of life that's been dumped in there because it doesn't really have a place of it's own.  "Just put it in the study" is a phrase heard very regularly in this house.

Anyway, today D announced that the study was now at the stage where I could go in and actually sit at my desk!  Yay!  

My joy was short lived though as this meant I could now start the massive clear out of my desk!  So, armed with a massive bin bag and a mug of coffee, in I went.

Four hours later I sat back triumphant!  Desk duly cleared out and one massive black bin bag and one confidential waste bag to show for all my hard work.  

To be fair the clear out took about half that time, the other half was spent with me looking at stuff, reading piles of old birthday cards, getting absorbed in a Test your own Personality game (a stocking filler gift from a couple of Christmases ago :-) looking at photos, reading letters from a friend from his uni days, playing with see this is why David would not let me help out with the clear out from the start.  I get distracted.  It would have taken months to get to this stage if I'd been involved :-))

Anyway, my desk has been cleared out and is looking very tidy and everything has its place.  I have ordered two boxes to store some things I just can't part with (but I will go through them again to try and have a second cull, so may only need one box and then other one can be used for photographs :-).

Today's blip is the little stone photo holder (bought on holiday in France) that sits on the back left hand side of my desk.  It's been obscured by stuff for about three years so I got a lovely surprise when I saw it again today.  I can remember so clearly the photo being taken (Alan was laughing so hard at a song I'd been singing!) but can't remember when it was taken.  Pre-June 2012 as we are in our previous house.  Alan looks so young in it (because he is! lol) but it made me realise, once again, how quickly time passes.  

So, all that needs to be done in the study now is to clear out the bags destined for the rubbish dump and take the confidential waste ones to the company that deals with that.   Oh and there's the small matter of the massive pile of stuff now sitting outside the study that doesn't have a home.  

We will deal with that next week :-)

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