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By Damnonii

Flower or face...

Backblipped 21.02.21

When I am struggling to find a blip I usually resort to flower or face.  Today it's face.  Mine, faffed with in Prisma.

I was full of great intentions today.  

There were cupcakes to be baked.
Phone calls to make.
Cards to be made.
A letter to write.
Crochet to be done.
To name a few.

The best bit was an online zoom celebration with our recently engaged Goddaughter, her fiancé, her parents and other relatives.  The champagne was chilling, the laptop was set up, the nibbles were ready....then Ally came to say she was a bit worried about Alan as he had a temperature (again) and didn't seem himself.

We went through to see him and his face and neck were very flushed and he looked pretty miserable.  After questioning him about how he was feeling (not easy to get to the bottom of the problem with a non-verbal adult)  In the end we all agreed, Alan included, that he would be better off having some paracetamol then sitting stretched out on his bed in his bedroom, which is cooler than his sitting room.

Kirsten got him organised and washed his face and neck with some tepid water.  D and I went through to see if things had improved.  He was definitely more comfortable and his smiles had returned.  Stayed with him a while and could see him improving, but he was keen for me to stay and talk nonsense with him, which was actually quite nice.  Normally I'm good for a quick chat then he's keen to get on with something else.  Typical 24 year old when it comes to their mum I suppose :-)

After a wee while he was back to his usual self, laughing and blethering and wanting back to his sitting room to watch a film.  Mum had served her purpose!

By now it was almost 9pm and we were just having our dinner.  We checked on Alan again after dinner and spent some time with him to reassure ourselves he was fine. He certainly seemed back to normal but we are going to speak to our GP this week as these temperature spikes are happening fairly regularly and I am worried he has an infection somewhere and can't tell us where.

By the time that mini drama was over it was after 11pm.  Alan was in bed by 11.30pm and we weren't far behind him.  Shattered, and missed Emily and Sam's online celebration.  Hoping we can persuade them to have another one next Saturday :-)

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on the sad event in yesterday's blip.  I am still struggling to process the awfulness of the situation.

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