An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sunshine on a rainy day...

Had hoped to photograph the tulips in my light box mini studio but ran out of time.  A high key phone shot it is then :-)

The rain has continued to pour down leading to road closures all around.  David managed to get to Crieff and back but said the surface water was a nightmare.  I was glad to be at home ensconced in the kitchen preparing food for a visit from my blip pal Sleepyhead tomorrow.

Beef chilli made for tomorrow night.  Even baked a cake.  I am definitely going to treat myself to new cake tins as the ones I have are a nightmare.  They are loose bottomed bake-off tins but it's a real faff getting the cakes out.  Should have stuck with my old faithfuls!  

So, the cake may not look too pretty, but hopefully it will taste good :-)

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