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By Damnonii

Crossing the Clyde...

Backblipped 22.02.19

A trip to the city today in search of inspiration for our bedroom makeover. 

After a fairly lacklustre trip we ended up with two wallpaper samples from Laura Ashley.  One offers a fresh, modern, fun look.  The other a more traditional and to my eye, more stylish look (when the whole look is taken into consideration).  The problem is I'm not sure I prefer either of them to what we already have (see extras.) 

We only have wallpaper on one wall at the moment (but that would change if we redecorated as we would ) so if we keep what we have,  all that's required is to freshen up the woodwork and the painted walls.  A few new scatter cushions and a throw would complete the update.  Hmmm....decisions, decisions! 

It was funny being in Glasgow as we very rarely go there now (we are closer to Perth and Stirling so can mostly get what we're after from there or online.)  

When we do go I always wish we had more time to just hang around there. Revisit old haunts.  So much of our lives revolved round that city, mainly through our careers (and socialising with colleagues) but also through friends and family who started their married lives in flats in the city.  Lots of happy memories of those days.  

But even though I enjoy visiting, I am always happy (and relieved) to leave the buildings, traffic and crowds behind and return to the wide open spaces of Perthshire, where I feel I can breath again.

I think it's an age thing.  

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