By davidc

Flower Friday...the perils of being organised!

On Wednesday last week I surprised myself by being well-organised: I bought a bouquet in advance, ready to give to my Editor last Friday (St Valentine's Day) and hid it in the garage.

However the following morning we received the phone call about my Mum-in-Law's condition deteriorating and set off promptly for Macclesfield. So I had to leave the flowers in the garage, and at that stage we didn't know when we'd be back.

Fortunately they were still in pretty good condition when we got home on Sunday night, so my Editor had a belated Valentine's present then.

This also meant that I missed blipping them for Flower Friday last week - but happily they're still surviving quite well although some of the petals are just beginning to turn brown at the tips. So this is a little surviving Astrantia flower in the bouquet, photographed with a lovely red rose in the background.

Thanks as always to BikerBear for looking after Flower Friday.

Techy details: An in-camera focus stack.

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