Silly Birdie

When I see a bird unfamiliar to me with my eyes, I'll get all squinty and say to myself out loud, "Who are you?"  This one stumped me for a while but it shouldn't have.  It definitely looked like a Lesser goldfinch, but then again it didn't.  I'm used to seeing more black on them.  Turns out that it is a molting male. I like the shot better in large.

I loved his silly look so I picked this one to use as the blip.  He did slip off of the swing and I put the whirling dervish in as an extra.

It's all rainy and miserable today.  I finally dropped Mom's clothes and a bunch of other things at the White Elephant, which will resell everything.  All of the proceeds, which total in the millions every year, are donated to local charities. Then I joined a group from the Singles Club for breakfast.  I've got to go to south Tucson to pick up the printer ink I ordered and stop at the ATM.  Later I'll order groceries to pick up at Fry's tomorrow and cozy up with some hot tea and find something to watch on Netflix.

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