Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Going to the Chapel....

I loved the symmetry of this group they are on their way to a marriage hall just along the road from where I am staying. The colours of clothes here are so vivid. You can see one of these ladies has jasmine flowers in her hair. They not only look good but smell good too.
I had a very quiet Sunday today, I didn't go to church as the English and Tamil services were being amalgamated today for a festival and the prospect of a three hour long service in Tamil, even with lunch thrown in afterwards somehow just didn't appeal!
I got up late and had a red banana and coffee for breakfast - only the peel is red the fruit is banana coloured. They are a special delicacy down here in the south and taste superb. I went for a walk in the early afternoon and had a veg puff for lunch - a bit like a sausage roll or pasty, so, so far I've not eaten not very healthily. When I came home I did some washing and sorted some odds and ends out. I improved my diet a little this evening as I went to a local restaurant and had a tasty clear chicken soup, think it had some lemon in it too, followed by Kashmir pilau rice full of fresh fruit and cashews, very nice too.
I've been getting things organised ready for my third and last week in school, how time flies - but I think I've said that already!

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