Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

First time


Wow. The day was absolutely packed! First off, I wanted to put in a couple of hours at "work". I switched on my laptop only to find that my account has been suspended. No idea why as I was told I'm needed until the end of the month. It took an hour to try to sort it, but I was told in the end that I wouldn't be up and running today, so... on to the next thing.

G had already taken a taxi to where she needed to be... an art class with her "seniors" group. I had time I needed to sort out a meet-up with friends of SweetArt who are in town and willing to carry back anything I need to send her.

I had to go over to Volvo first though. Today is the day I've been avoiding because I don't want to have to do the inevitable with my car. They made it easier by getting it ready (washed etc.) and provided a tow truck to take it to another garage to the other side of town. They are mechanical and electrical experts and have agreed to take a look at it and tell me if they can help or not. My service advisor at Volvo though ensured that I remain a fan of the brand and the workshop. He waived off quite a lot of the labour cost and I left hardly paying anything for all the time my car was there. Humbled, I am.

I had time to pick G up with her newly painted sunset. We had time to come home and have a quick lunch before heading to Wafi to meet up with SweetArt's friends. They were lovely and I wish we'd been able to show them a bit of Dubai ourselves. So far, they've taken some of our recommendations and been pleased with the result. Tonight, they are booked on the Bateaux Dubai.

We chatted non-stop for a couple of hours, and then it was time for both of us to leave. We had rescheduled a trip to Global Village with friends Rachel and Peter. It was their first time ever despite living here for ten years and they loved it. Phew! It was great going around with them, and we even watched the stunt show, which I have to say, was entertaining.

We visited a few different pavilions this time - Syria and Afghanistan. We tried to get to Pakistan, but time ran out after we enjoyed an unhurried Lebanese meal and carousel ride. I think Rachel and Peter would like to go back and check out a few other countries. I couldn't believe the time when I looked at my watch. We left at midnight, tired but very happy. We even heard Big Ben strike 12. Yikes!

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