By dreaming

A new place to be

This is a shot of the dining room on the floor where my room is. I discovered it today while Gina and Terry were here, after looking for a more comfortable place to sit and talk than my room. It's brighter and cooler than my room, and we were able to sit comfortably for a long time. And I was able to make some tea! I tried getting it back to my room and did just fine until I got to my door when the cup dropped to the floor.

This morning I was able to sit down at the residents' computer and catch up on my email. it was nice to reconnect with the world outside.

Doug arrived for an unexpected visit in the afternoon and we were able to sit here in the dining room. I really enjoy talking with him. Now I'm sitting in the dining room by myself waiting for my dinner to arrive. I hope it gets here soon and it's something pleasant to eat.

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