Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


We woke up to another wild, wet and windy day and I don’t think the rain has stopped all morning.  I decided to have a “writing” morning so wrote about six cards to various people all over the world - and of course, included hearts in all of them - well, if I can’t go out, I have to distribute them somehow!

I needed to go over to my sister’s to collect two curtain poles, but she didn’t think they would fit in our car, so Mr. HCB came with me, so off we went in the pouring rain - with him saying that if they didn’t go in the car, he would walk home with them - but in the event, they fitted, so that was good and saved him a very wet walk home.

When we were over at Karen’s she was asking me about my new phone and I said that the camera was better than on the old one, and proceeded to take a photograph to show her.  I then looked out of her window, to see if there was anything interesting to use for the Mono Monday Challenge of “Looking Down”, but a wet road and two cars didn’t fill me with excitement, so I decided that a better shot would be her new fire and the ornaments on top.  When I looked at the photograph, it made me smile to think that my "little" sister is now a Grandmother - and I am a Great Aunt to her grandchildren - where did those years go?  What is even worse is to realise that WE are now the "older generation"!

I am almost 14 years older than Karen - as she is always reminding me - but I remember as a teenager being really cross with "my naughty little sister" one day when she found some of my lipsticks and plastered them not only all over her face, but also over the dressing table mirror - Mum was not amused and I seem to remember I got the blame!  

So to get my own back, I am putting in an extra shot of Karen almost 52 years ago when she was a bridesmaid at our wedding on the 6th March 1968.  You can see by the way her dress has blown to one side that it was a very windy day and it was also very cold.  In fact, as I got out of the car, I almost lost my veil - now that would have made a good Blip!

I think the rest of the day will be spent catching up with the television programmes we have recorded - it’s certainly too wet to go out walking - although I take my hat off to my friend, Caroline, who walks in all winds and weathers - but I’m feeling a bit wimpish today, so television, feet up, a cup of coffee and perhaps even a small bar of chocolate has won the day.

“If you mess with the BIG sister,
     there is always a younger,
          crazier sister behind her…..
THAT’S who you don’t want mess with!
Anon (and Mrs. HCB!)

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