Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Sky Bar

I'm just about blipping on the day after ages!

I had a good morning at work, being dropped off and picked up by G three hours later! We should have gone straight for a coffee and croissant deal but decided to come home for lunch instead.

My second extra shows what we did next. Surkus is now in the UAE and I managed to get the coffee and croissant deal at a cafe lounge on Beach Road. I have to say, my chocolate croissant and cafe mocha were absolutely delicious. Now I just have to do an Instagram post to complete my part of the deal.

We then went on the search for beach canteens which they usually put up around the Food Festival time. This year, they are doing things a bit different.

We seem to have hazy, low visibility days which turn into beautiful clear evenings. That happened today, and the lighting was so beautiful, we drove straight to Sol Sky Bar at Al Seef mainly to watch the sunset. I've posted the picture that looks South towards where we live (opposite the Frame). It shows off the bar really well. My first extra is the view you get of our scenic Creek. I love this place. It's so close to us, we could be there every week! A beautiful breeze made the evening even more special.

Back home via the local garage to get the oil and filter changed. They couldn't do it because the thread on the bolt which seals the engine is damaged and I need to get it fixed at a proper garage. And on the Volvo front, the garage called to say they can do the complete re-wiring that's required but I have to decide if the price quoted is a viable sensible option. Something to mull over the next couple of days...

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