Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Woke up early and glanced out of my bedroom window to see snow.  Lots of it - and it was still falling.  Our first snowfall of the winter. Took this shot looking down into the back garden.  (You can see the cat enclosure which has not been well used today - only Lily has ventured out and not for very long. ) Extra shows the scene from the front bedroom window. The Mono Monday theme today is " Looking Down" - thanks to 60plus for hosting

Musical link  - Stand At Your  WINDOW - by Jim Reeves

Checked Facebook to find that everywhere was in chaos.  Roads gridlocked with traffic crawling along, cars getting stuck in the snow, buses unable to negotiate some of the roads around the village - general mayhem.  Journeys which should have taken minutes were taking hours.
( There was even a feature on the local evening news featuring my village - lots of interviews with locals and footage of cars getting stuck - and being pushed out of trouble by people who lived nearby ).

I saw a message on Facebook from my fitness instructor Emma to say class was cancelled.  I wasn't surprised as most of the folk who go are in their eighties and would obviously be safer indoors.  I messaged Emma  to say I had read her message - and to ask if she knew how Linda was getting along.  It wasn't good news.  Linda is still in hospital and the medics have decided she now needs 24 hour care (which obviously her husband can't provide ) so she will have to go into a nursing home. Such sad news.

As Fitness Class wasn't on I took the opportunity to have an extra hour in bed.  When I got up again the snow was deeper.  But by the time I went out around 2 pm it was starting to melt and the paths down to the village were fine for walking.  And later on at 5.30pm when I walked down again to Slimming Club a lot of the snow had melted leaving a slushy mess.  I hope this doesn't freeze overnight.

I lost 1½ pounds this week.  And I won the raffle - a Slimming World cookbook of my choice.   Lucky me.

Steps today -12,157

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