Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Pancakes for breakfast

Even though all the snow has gone I decided to stay at home today to catch up with some chores.  Did the washing and washing up ( which I didn't do yesterday ) and a few other things.. 

FedEx parcel arrived.  It was a couple of fluorescent tubes which I had ordered online.  I have 2 fluorescent lights in the kitchen and the most important one which lights the part where the cooker and sink are had stopped working a few days ago.  Couldn't swap tubes as they are different sizes so I've just had to manage as best I could.  So I was relieved when the new tubes arrived. ( I ordered 2 so I would have a spare ). They were very well wrapped with FRAGILE stickers all over but when I  unwrapped them I found that they were both broken. (  Cue some bad language.)  Went on my computer so that I could report the problem using the " online chat " facility.  I was in a queue.  Waited a while then a message appeared..... " Online chat now closed for the day - please e mail ". (  Cue more bad language.)  So I have sent an e mail.  Why cant things just go to plan.

This evening I went online to do a home delivery grocery order from Tesco.  Their website was " down " so I had to wait till it was back on. Another thing sent to try my patience.   This evening  I was able to complete my order  for delivery tomorrow so alls well that ends well.

The Tiny Tuesday challenge has three choices. Either to blip something you would like to give up for a while, or something you want to do more of or ....... pancakes.  I chose pancakes. I say pancakes but they aren't your normal pancakes but a slimming version made with oats plus an egg, yogurt and a few chocolate chips. You cook them in the oven. The mixture made 4 little pancakes which were only 1 syn each.  They were really nice.  I had them for breakfast with strawberries and yogurt.  Thanks to mindful_life  for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

Musical link BREAKFAST in America by Supertramp

Steps today - 2,590

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