An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Got some lovely visits from friends coming up in the next week,  so busy menu planning as want to be organised and have as much food prep done as possible.

Tomorrow I am having my second blip meet with Scotguide.  I can't believe it's almost a year since we first met (especially as we live in the same town!)  How time flies.  Looking forward to catching up :-))

On Friday friends Jennifer and Paul are coming for lunch with their golden retrievers Bertie and Toby, so Lola will be in her element!  The last time we went to theirs for lunch they laid on a banquet so I have a hard act to follow, more complicated because they are vegetarian with some food allergies.  I will have to give the menu careful thought.

On Saturday Agnes and Adrian are coming up and staying over.  We're going out for dinner so don't have to think about that, just lunch for Agnes and I (all being well D & A will be playing golf so can have lunch at the clubhouse) and breakfast the next morning.  Might do homemade pancakes with fruit since today's pancake day (I'm sure I can stretch it to the weekend ;-))

In other news...David's been full of glad tidings today.  

So far he's told me the car has two stone chips in the windscreen and a slow puncture, there's a leak in the roof above the living room that has resulted in an area of the loft getting soaked, the quote for upgrading the sound system has arrived (he's not told me how much, just that he choked on his coffee as he opened it) and he's broken one of my favourite...

...actually I don't know what he's broken as I interrupted him, forbade him to speak any further and have gaffer taped his mouth shut just to be sure.


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