An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Oodles of doodles...

Snow was forecast today and it came, but thankfully didn't stay.

David took Lola to the vet for her kennel cough vaccination and annual titre test.  Apparently she was a superstar although she didn't like the sound of the clipper as it shaved a tiny patch on her leg.  Sat beautifully when the vet took her blood though.  The vet also weighed her again.  She's lost 100g!  3.5 kilos to go!  Must try harder!  

They were back in time for lunch then they braved a walk on the moor.  Poor David has a chilblain on his little toe.  It's been agony and more painful since it developed a blister.  Thankfully the blister popped this morning, so the pain level had drastically reduced.  

Phew, because I was fed up listening to him moaning about it hate seeing him in pain :-)

Meanwhile I spent the day creating some thistle inspired doodles as well as working on a piece for my bother in law.  Not sure it's going to work but I will persevere in the hope I can get the colours to work (football colours may be involved) but initial trials are not great.

This evening was spent looking for a holiday cottage in the Sutherland area for our main summer holiday this year.  We have found a couple, just have to decide which one.  

In other news, the painting I did for my friend who's son committed suicide last year, arrived with her on Friday and she messaged me immediately to thank me over and over and tell me how much she will treasure it.  I am so pleased as I know this was an immensely difficult weekend for her.  

Thankfully everyone rallied to support her and with the memorial bench being dedicated to his memory and the re-naming of the skate park in his honour (all happened last week) as well as his friends putting up lots of tributes on social media, her biggest fear (that he will be forgotten) was allayed.  


Let them eat cake

The hills are alive...

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