An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

I had a plan for today's blip but we all know what happens to best laid plans...

Before we built the extension in 2017 (of which the pool room is part of) I took a photograph standing in the exact same spot where I stood to take my blip, only before the extension was built I was standing in the garden looking towards the kitchen window.  I thought it would be fun to take a current photo and compare it to the original, pre-extension shot (for a true comparison I would have to open the door but hadn't worked that out when taking my blip)

I have now spent an hour looking for the original garden shot and the penny has finally dropped the it must be one of the images stuck in the faulty USB stick *rolls eyes* 

Oh well, until I get the chance to try and rescue those images, I have uploaded a pre-extension shot (in extras) taken from the opposite direction looking back towards the spot I was standing in when I took my blip shot (so looking at the extra, in essence when I was taking my blip shot,  I was theoretically standing with my back against the wall / fence outside the far away window)  You with me so far?  I wouldn't worry if not.  It's clear as mud!  lol

I appreciate none of this will be of any interest to you lovely blippers but I was talking to a family member the other day about what was there before the extension, and it gave me the idea of pairing up some comparison images.  This is a bit of a fail in that respect but until I (hopefully) recover the image I had in mind, it will do to serve as a reminder to those interested :-)

In other news, we've spoken to the holiday cottage owners and they have offered two other lovely cottages within Perth and Kinross.  The only problem is neither of them are available for the whole week we had intended to go away.  They are also fully booked for the rest of this year, so we would be looking at moving the booking to next year.  Disappointing :-(  

One of them is available from the Mon-Friday of the week we had planned to go to the original cottage,  so D has emailed the owner to say we would be happy to go for the shorter week and if they are agreeable, use the balance of the cost as a deposit for a full week next year.  Hopefully that won't be a problem.   

I also spent two hours this evening taking part in an online RPS Creativity Workshop.  I've signed up to a few of them between now and April.  I really enjoyed it.  It's given me lots to think about and (don't want to speak to0 soon) perhaps boosted my photography mojo a bit.  I'm certainly looking forward to the next one.  Having paid in advance, that's a relief :-))

I am sorry that my commenting is so lax at the moment.  Had hoped to look in on journals this evening but the workshop didn't finish till 8.30 so by the time we had dinner, cleared up, spent time with Alan and did my Tesco online order, the evening has disappeared.  

Hopefully tomorrow...

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