An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Groom service...

Slight change in the weather from yesterday!  Torrential rain and strong winds today.

The kitchen floor has been washed twice today.  Stupidly, the first time was before Lola had been for her romp on the moor!  *rolls eyes*

A very reassuring chat was had with our GP this morning regarding Alan and our minds have been put at rest.  

Some of the symptoms he's been experiencing are very likely to be side effects of medication he was prescribed a couple of months ago.  Given that the medication is to help deal with something minor and the side effects are seemingly causing more problems than the issue the medication is supposed to help, we have taken the decision to stop the medication.  No Sh*t Sherlock! :-)

 We also learned that what we thought was a high temperature reading using the ear thermometer is actually normal, as ear thermometers read higher.  

So relief all round.

Lola returned from her walk filthy and only time for a quick wash down and brush before she went to the vet for her annual MOT and titre test, to check her immunity levels and see if she needs any booster shots.  

She's not had any vaccinations since her puppy jabs (over-vaccination is the biggest cause of health issues in dogs) but as she will be four in June, she may need a wee boost now.  Should have the results by the weekend.

D spent the evening trying to update zoom on my laptop.  It wasn't keen to update it for some reason.  Hopefully working now as I've signed up for some RPS online learning events and the first one is tomorrow evening.

After NS's Covid briefing today it looks like we're going to have to postpone our week away in a wee cottage at Loch Tay for the second time!  We're due to go there on 23rd April but Lockdown won't be easing until 26th April, and even then we will be returning to the tiers system.  We are likely to be Tier 3, so not able to travel outside our local authority area.  It's so frustrating as the cottage is only metres over the boundary line into Stirling Authority.  Sigh.

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