An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Making another splash!

What have I achieved today?

I managed to shower and dress myself before midday always an achievement!
I made the most wonderful All-in-one chilli with chocolate from the Roasting Tin around the world cook book (precooked chilli in extras)
I made Alan laugh out loud by singing along to Summer Nights (both parts :-) as he watched Grease.
I was caught talking to my orchid (no, that's not a euphemism!) by Alan's support worker.  
I took over 480 (486 to be precise) water drop shots of which only my blip and the six others in extras were worth editing.  Sigh.  But I got my collision shot!  Yay!  :-)

That said, I had great fun so can't really complain.  It is a time stealer though.  Won't tell you how long I sat there faffing with light, drop sizes and speeds, camera settings, water levels etc etc.  I am kind of hooked though  so brace yourself.  I can feel a series coming on!  

I just wish I could use my Canon 6D but the connector from the splash art kit doesn't fit.  Having to use my 60D, which is older and clearly needs the sensor cleaned, but there's no way I would attempt that.  It will have to wait till lockdown is over.  I also must investigate and try and find a connector that will allow the kit to work with the full frame camera.  

Update on holiday cottage.  D spoke to the owner this morning and we can have one of their Perthshire cottages from 26th - 30th April and the balance that we've already paid will be put towards a week in one of their cottages next year.  We've just to let them know which cottage and when we want to go. I am so happy!  :-)))

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