Keith B

By keibr

Rotsidan in Winter

Rotsidan is not usually accessible in winter. The forest track to the car park isn't ploughed so there's an extra 3 km to walk in each direction. Not so far perhaps but trudging through deep snow is not like striding along a good path! But today we could do it. The road was covered in glassy ice but there was a little crusty snow on top of it so we could walk fairly easily, and the surface so hard we didn't sink in once. One brave soul had even driven the road so there was a single car in the car park! However, it was a 4 wheel drive vehicle and when I met the owner he said it had been a "bit on the edge" along the track.
The sea level was unusually high and the waves were big, so places we normally walk were under water.  In the end we got down to the sea, sat down for coffee and cakes, and when that was eaten we headed back for the car.
Rotsidan is always lovely in some ways - I have taken many blips here.
(Backblip - posted 25 Feb, 2020 - Today's blip is here.)

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