By Teasel

Early Bloomers

Another miserable day weather-wise.  When will this awful weather stop – far too  many wet days.  The morning was spent catching up with stuff and also with colleagues,  it was nice to have some time to chat – about out work and non-word.  I had loads to do, but the pressure felt like it had abated this morning – even though I knew it would all heat up again later in the day.  And it did, but I took the opportunity to head out for a wander in the drizzle, just to get away from my desk.

Things got very busy later in the afternoon, as I knew they would, and I ended up having to stay later than I would have liked after a late conference call, to ensure some briefing  material was ready for first thing tomorrow.  I came home to find that poor BB is worrying about his cello – as he has some music he has to memorise and he is finding it difficult.  Poor lad.  TT had to pick up the pieces and then dropped him at football training, in the hope that that would take his mind off things.  He was very subdued when he came home, hopefully he will be a bit brighter tomorrow.

A bit of colour in Edinburgh or a truly dreich day.

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