Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Snow on the hills

Not a brilliant blip I know but a record that there has been some snow this winter though not at ground level. Yet.

Here we have the Gargunnock Hills which lie to the west of Stirling. They are favoured by paragliders for a good launch and helpful thermals. Or so I believe.

The blip is taken from the Ochtertyre Road just behind the farm where we'd taken the girls. It was a very early start this morning with the four year old calling out at 05:15 to let us know that her hot water bottle had gone cold. That (inevitably) started Flora grumbling. I used this unexpected time to catch up with correspondence so it wasn't wasted but I'd rather have been asleep.

Once the girls go home I'll be off to a Community Council meeting which has a busy agenda. Then home ready for an early start tomorrow. I'll not be present on blip till sometime tomorrow.

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