Lost in Thought

By steveng

That Bridge Again! (widwed260220)

My excuse being my now strapped up ankle is still needing some TLC :-)

As I am hosting Wide Wednesday this week I thought I should at least try to find something fitting the theme of a quiet place.  With the cold wind probably keeping visitor numbers down,  Charlecote Park was relatively quiet and away from the buildings - hardly anyone about.  This is the Dene Bridge, blipped at the other end from my usual viewpoint.

The river level is still high, but running over the weir, it seems to be flowing at a less furious rate - or perhaps that is just wishful thinking!

I'm looking forward to seeing your entries,  as usual I'll go through them later today and star/comment on any I find.  Let me know if I miss yours.  I'll repeat the exercise tomorrow and then sort out the awards tomorrow evening.

The trail camera in the railway cutting has delivered a few more results overnight, including a short video of a Muntjack Deer visiting at around 02:30 this morning.  Still experimenting with where to put it for the best chance of an image usable on blip but it is interesting to see what visits when.

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